What To Do About An Abandoned Local Property In Israel

Abandoned properties in your area can become problematic in different ways. First of all, the taxes on such properties will not be paid, which can lower the overall tax base. An abandoned house represents uncollected potential income for the government that can be utilized for various developmental activities. This can diminish the value of the services the government can provide in your neighborhood.

Secondly, an abandoned house can cost the aesthetic value of the area. If a property is not maintained well, it might look creepy and haunted. This can reduce the value of the properties in the neighborhood too.

Another problem you can face because of an abandoned house in your area is social security. An abandoned house can become a hiding spot for criminals which can compromise the security of your area.

Therefore, when you find that a house is abandoned in your area, there are several things you can do. They are listed below.

What To Do About An Abandoned House

Most countries have rules and regulations for dealing with abandoned properties, especially Israel. There are certain things you can do when you find an unclaimed real estate in Israel. They are mentioned below for your knowledge.

Check The Website Of Your Local Government

Your local government might have a site that lists the abandoned properties in your area. You can check whether the unclaimed property in your neighborhood is listed in it. If it is not listed, then you may be able to report the potentially abandoned property. There might be online forms that you need to fill out with the details about the abandoned property in your neighborhood.

Organize Your Local Community

If there is no specific website maintained by the local government for managing abandoned properties, then you can try to contact your local council or neighbors about the problem. Find if there is anyone in the neighborhood who knows the owner. Otherwise, forming a local community can help to address the problem by contacting the government officials who can help to find a solution to your issue.

Legal Proceedings

As an ultimate step, you can go with legal proceedings to deal with the issue. Try to contact the owner and send a legal notice regarding the unclaimed property. If the owner is not interested in the property, then you can turn it to the government. Or you may utilize the property for other purposes like making a park, swimming pool, etc. in your area with the permission of the owner and the local government.

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