What Is The Importance Of Speech Therapy At Nursing Homes?

When you hear the term speech therapy, the first thing that would be coming to your mind is the image of a child getting training to improve his/her speech audibility and quality. But speech therapy isn’t exclusive for kids. It is equally useful for older adults who are struggling with communication issues caused by various illnesses and loss of memory.

A speech therapist attempts to improve the communication skills of a person including their speaking, reading, writing, and gestures. Speech therapy also addresses the swallowing problem that is found in adults.

Speech Therapy In Nursing Homes

Nursing homes in Pasadena offer speech therapy to those in need. Older adults may require speech therapy for various reasons. Communicating becomes a challenge as we age because our vocal cords and larynx can stretch and turn weak. Patients who suffered a stroke might require speech therapy because comprehending and using language becomes a tough task for them after the stroke.

Adults with memory problems like dementia find speech therapy very effective because it helps improve some memory processes of patients that have a hard time remembering names and selecting words. Speech therapists also ask the families of dementia patients to take part in training sessions.

Someone who has suffered a stroke will find it difficult to communicate and when they fail, they become frustrated and that raises their stress levels. Speech therapy can help patients communicate better and bring down their stress levels.

Swallowing Difficulties And Speech Therapy

If you notice sudden weight loss in a resident (of a nursing home) without any apparent reasons, it could indicate that the resident is having difficulty swallowing. Swallowing difficulties will make it tough for a person to eat enough and get enough calories, hence leading to sudden weight loss. A speech therapist can suggest an appropriate diet that ensures proper nutrition and hydration.

What Tools Do Speech Therapists Use To Work With Seniors?

A speech therapist uses magazines and newspapers as key tools to improve the ease of communication of the seniors. When they are updated about the current events through newspapers and magazines, they can talk more about the topics to the visitors and family members.

The guidance and training of a speech therapist can help improve the quality of communication of nursing home residents. Communication and swallowing issues will be lesser with speech therapy than without it.

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