The Guide to Making Clothes Last Longer

Clothing Manufacturers

The first and foremost step to having a sustainable and ethical wardrobe is to make the fabrics last longer as it saves a lot of time and money, and also helps to decrease our carbon footprints. Various measures can be taken to keep your clothes look new and fresh. Here is a list of good habits which are suggested by the top clothing manufacturers like Luxury Knit, all of which can help in making your clothes last longer.

Always Buy Quality Clothes

High-quality clothes will last longer as they are made of superior quality materials and undergo quality processing; they are also regarded as better options for the environment.

Carry a Stain Removal Pen with You

It is always best to keep a stain removal pen with you while travelling as it allow you to remove stains as soon as possible. This makes it less possible for the stain to ruin your clothes.

Wash Your Clothes Less Frequently

Always keep in mind about the stress your clothes go through every time you wash it, especially when they are tumbled in a washing machine with many other clothes. The chances for garments to lose its color and to have elastic stretches are very high if they are washed often; it can also result is shrinking and fading of the clothes. Therefore, it is best to wash your clothes only if there is something visibly dirty on it; take the challenge to keep your clothes neat to wear at least 3 times before taking it for laundry.

Do Not Dry Clean Your Clothes Often

This is one of the tips that are more applicable for men who are tempted to go for dry-cleaning their garments and suits often. In addition to the high expense of dry-cleaning, the whole process uses harsh chemicals on your fabrics that often damages it.

These can often cause expensive clothes like suits and other outfits to fade faster than they should. An alternate option is to hang your clothes in the bathroom whilst you shower- this option allows the steam to refresh your clothes without using any chemicals.

Get Your Clothes Right in the Washing Machine

Always wash your clothes when you do not have a full load to wash, as overfilling your washing machine is not good for your garments and the machine. The clothes will not be properly washed; they will also rub against each other causing a lot of damage and fading.

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