How To Install An In House Signal Repeater?

A signal repeater is a device that is used to improve the cell reception in an area by increasing the strength of the incoming cell signal. This device is very essential if you are living in an area where the cell reception is very poor and you regularly experience call drops and slow data speed.

Better cell reception is very important for many aspects of our current daily life and a signal booster in your house can ensure better cell reception all the time.

Here are the important steps you need to follow for successfully installing a signal repeater in your house.

Check The Outside Signal Strength

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do before starting the installation process. If there is no cell signal in your location, then there is no point in installing a signal booster. You can find the best outside signal by walking around the perimeter of your house with a cell phone and counting the number of signal bars in each area. You can also use smartphone apps to find the best outside cell signal.

Mount The Outside Antenna

After finding the best outside cell signal, you can move on to the next step in the installation process that is installing the outside antenna where the cell reception is better. For ensuring the maximum performance of the signal booster, you need a better cell signal. The outside antenna should be placed where the cell reception is better. Most often, the outside antenna is mounted on the roof of the house because the cell signal will be better with elevation.

Install The Amplifier Unit

Find a safe spot in your house to install the amplifier unit. The location of the amplifier unit should be chosen carefully and it should be placed near a power outlet. It should not be installed in a place that gets direct sunlight and the location of the amplifier should not be very far from the outside antenna. Connect the outside antenna to the amplifier unit using coaxial cable.

Mount The Inside Antenna

The next step in the installation process is mounting the inside antenna in your house. The inside antenna should be placed in the room where you need a stronger cell signal the most. You can install the inside antenna on the wall or the ceiling depending on your choice. Installing it on the ceiling is most recommended because it allows the distribution of the boosted cell signal equally in all directions. Make sure to have enough vertical and horizontal distance between outside and inside antenna to avoid the problem of oscillation.

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