What To Do After You Suffer A Bike Crash?

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The things you do immediately after suffering a bike crash is very important. The action you take soon after the accident can determine the future proceedings of the case. If there are other vehicles involved in the crash, the situation can be more terrible. Though there are chances for you to lose your normal mind after the accident, it is very important to stay alert and conscious after the accident. If not, there can be some actions from the opposite party which may adversely affect the case in the future.

Here is a guide to what you should do immediately after you suffer a bike accident.

Wait For The Police To Come

Don’t try to flee the accident spot soon. Stay and wait for the police to arrive. They will make the police report in which all the whereabouts of the accident will be documented. This police report is very important because the lawsuit you file later will depend largely on the police report taken from the accident spot.

Sometimes you may think that you are not injured and hence it is not necessary to involve in the police report. But the truth can be that you have suffered some internal injuries which may become serious later, if not treated properly. If at all you flee from the accident spot, you are letting the at-fault person escape.   

It is good not to speak with the opposite party. Wait for the police to come and then speak and negotiate in their presence. Otherwise the driver may at first apologize realizing his mistake and later deny his negligence. Therefore, wait for the policemen to make their report based on the facts.

Make Sure That Your Version Of The Accident Goes Into The Police Report

Sometimes it may be that the police do not take your words into consideration while making their report. It is possible that the other driver gives a wrong report to the police in favor of him and then you will be proved to be at fault. Ensure that this does not happen. Give the correct report to the police so that the final police report will be in favor of you. In case this does not happen, you have the opportunity to amend the police report later.

Get The Details Of The Driver And Other Witnesses

This is another very important thing you must do. Make sure that you obtain the name, address and contact details of the driver who is at-fault. Also do not forget to get the contact details of the ones who witnessed the accident. The police report may or may not include all these necessary information. Also get the driver’s license number, vehicle number and the insurance information because these will be needed in the future for the case. If you are in an injured state after the accident and are not able to do all these you can ask any bystander to help you in gathering all these details.

Make Your Own Document Of The Accident

It is very apt that you make your own documentation of the accident. Try to recollect everything that happened and write it down as soon as possible so that you can refer to it later. It will also be a great help to the personal injury attorney you hire for the case.

Preserve The Evidences

Make sure that you seek medical attention as early as possible. Even if the injury seems to be minor, it can become serious on a later stage with a long lasting effect. The medical records and bills can be used as proof in the lawsuit you file against the faulty driver. Also take photos of the injured part and preserve it so that the severity of the accident will be clear even after the wound heals.

It is also better to leave the bike at the accident spot. It is not wise on your part to go for fixing the bike very soon after the accident. The destroyed bike, helmet and the dirty clothes can all be used as evidences for a successful case.

Seek The Help Of An Experienced Attorney

It will always be in your best interests to seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in your bike accident case. There will be so many legal issues involved in the crash of a bike and a car. The attorney will surely know all the legalities involved in this and can guide you through the case. He can also negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf and also represent you in the lawsuit.

It is better for you to not communicate with the insurance companies before seeking the counsel of an injury attorney. Some of your words can be used against you in your law suit and hence you must be cautious as to what you speak to the insurance companies.

If you or your loved one suffers a bike accident, make sure you follow these things to recover fast.

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