What Role a Private Investigator is Supposed to Fulfill

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Not all clients understand the role of an investigator, and surprisingly, this applies to several law firms too. What is a private investigator’s role? Simply put, he or she helps to find out the sequence of events which caused the accident in which one has suffered injuries. You may be thinking: “Why do I have to work with an investigator?” Law firms in California seek the services of one to get specific information related to an accident and help find out who was responsible for injuries which happened.

Roles of Investigators in Injury Lawsuits

Their role is to look into the matter with a stated objective: find out the actual event and the version of the police. Besides this, very often, their role is to have a conversation with the one to blame for the accident, find out what his or her version of the event is, and his or her role in it – rather than what he or she told the law enforcement officer. In addition, if it is not consistent, or if the at-fault person says something extremely different a month after the accident day from what he or she said to police at that time, it would affect his or her credibility.

Moreover, a cop has ten minutes or so to write the whole thing as against a private investigator who has enough time to record almost everything to the last detail. Many vital facts left out of a police report are included in the report of the investigator, who works with a personal injury lawyer.

An Example of What an Investigator Can Do

Assume that you have sustained extremely severe injuries in an accident, and therefore, you were not able to write down the names of witnesses or take photos of the accident scene. By the time cops arrived there, many of the witnesses had already left the spot, and none of the information about them was recorded in the report. A private investigator will be able to track down those may have witnessed the collision, and may have even taken photographs or a video on their device. The police report might just include details about witnesses that were available at the scene, but some of those who left before it could have some vital evidence and information to support the case. It is possible to use video and photos on a witness’s device to let an accident reconstruction expert prove the case.

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