Things To Do Before Filing Workplace Law Suit

Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

Workplace injuries are common in every part of the world. In California, the law states that, even if the employer is not responsible, the employee can claim worker’s compensation benefit if they are injured at the workplace and are in need of medical attention. But before appointing a personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit to claim the damages, there are certain things an employee must do such as follows.

Notify Employer

As per the law, the first thing an employee must do to preserve their rights to claim the damages is to notify the employer. If the injury is severe, the injured person must report to the employee only after obtaining immediate medical care. As per the California law, it is necessary to report the employer about the injury within 30 days but if there is a proper reason, they can report it even after the time limit.

Get Treatment 

If the condition is severe, then the employee can get treatment from any emergency treatment centers but if they are not required of immediate care, they must treat their condition at the place prescribed by the employer. The employee can also choose a doctor to treat his or her injuries if they are attending them for other health issues. For the employee to suggest a doctor, written consent must be obtained from them before getting injured.

Notify The Doctor That The Injury Is Work Related

The employee must mention the doctors that the injuries they are suffering were caused due to an accident in the workplace because it is the duty of the employer to take care of such medical bills and only if the authority is aware of the situation, they will send it to the employer. The employee must also make sure not to pay any medical expenses for the treatment of workplace injuries.

Submit The Claim Form

After reporting the incident to the employer, he will provide a worker’s compensation claim form within a day. The employee must fill the relevant part of the form and pass it to the employer immediately. The employer will complete the rest and he or she will send it to the compensation insurance company. They will evaluate an appropriate settlement for the injury.

Even though all these can be done by an individual, it is better to appoint a personal injury lawyer to deal with the insurance company to settle the compensation amount and also the terms of the settlement.

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