Questions To Ask An Injury Attorney

Injury Attorney
Injury Attorney

If you have experienced loss or injury due to another person’s negligence, you must make important decisions during the coming days and weeks. This involves hiring the services of a personal injury lawyer. Also, keep in mind that this is essential because the legal procedures involved are complicated, and often people are in not the right state of mind after injuries or a loss. So, to choose the right attorney it is important to ask the right questions, and shared below are some of them; read on to know more.

The Area Of Law That The Attorney Focuses

This is a particularly important question because the term law covers a broad range of fields. It is always recommended to opt for a lawyer who is experienced and has handled multiple personal injury cases. You must know that in California, attorneys are prohibited from using the term they “specialize” in advertisements.

Bear in mind that attorneys can specialize in a field only if they are certified by the California Board of Legal Specialisation (CBLS). However, the CBLS does not offer certifications for torts or civil wrongs like injuries, and accidents, etc. Besides, you must also ensure that the personal injury lawyer has obtained favorable results handling personal injury matters.

The Fees Of The Attorney

Most injury attorneys work based on a contingency fee, i.e. they will take a percentage of your settlement when the case is resolved. So, you must verify the percentage that must be paid to the attorney.

The Time Required To File A Claim

Irrespective of the state of your health, there is a limited amount of time within which you must file the lawsuit, and this is known as the statute of limitations. For California it is 2 years. So, if this time frame is crossed and the statute of limitations is not preserved, the other party is scot-free.

The Worth Of Your Personal Injury Case

It is always important to have a realistic expectation about the worth of your personal injury lawsuit. An experienced personal injury lawyer could give you an estimate about this.

The Overall Expenses

Generally, you will not have to pay out of your pocket as most injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. However, some attorneys charge extra for additional expenses like the cost of hiring experts, and legal filing fees, etc. So, you must always enquire about out of pocket expenses.

We hope that this article will be of use to you when hiring the services of an injury attorney in the state of California.

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