Myths and Facts about Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury Claim

If you are a victim of a car accident, motorcycle accident or a slip and fall accident, you need to know about your rights regarding personal injury claims. There are many myths that surround personal injury claims. If you believe these myths, you may not receive your deserved compensation. Below are some of the common myths and facts related to personal injury claims.

Myth 1: if you Settle your Case Quickly, Larger Will Be the Settlement Amount.

Fact: This is absolutely wrong. If you settle your case quickly, you may receive a smaller amount as your compensation. The value of the compensatory amount is calculated on the basis of damages caused by the accident. If you rush to settle your case too quickly, you may settle for your initial medical expenses only. Severe injuries which require long term medical treatments may result in huge medical bills. These expenses cannot be included in the compensation if you quickly settle your case. You must be sure that you are injuries are fully healed before signing the settlement document.

Myth 2: if you Approach a Bigger Law Firm, you Will Get a Bigger Settlement

Fact: It is always better to choose a smaller law firm for dealing with your personal injury case. A smaller law firm will spend more time to study the case, nature of opposition and pieces of evidence that a bigger law firm. They will be able to provide personal attention to your case. Instead of settling the case quickly, they always ensure to get the right compensation deserved by you.

Myth 3: Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers are Expensive

Fact: Hiring a personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with personal injury cases is a good idea. They will have a deep knowledge of these laws and claims. Cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer differ for each case based on certain factors such as nature of the case, the value of settlement amount, time spent for the case, etc.

Myth 4: While Taking Medical Treatments, you Must Pay All your Medical Bills

Fact: Long term treatments for severe injuries may result in huge medical expenses which might not be affordable by the victim. In this scenario, before receiving the settlement amount, an agreement which states that the medical expenses of the treatment will be paid out of settlement amount will be made between the medical provider and personal injury attorney. This will reduce the financial risk of the victim on medical treatments.

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