Is it Appropriate to Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Agent?

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The number of car accidents in the country is increasing with every passing year. In most cases, the passengers in a car are likely to get away with trivial injuries because of the safety measures employed in the vehicle such as seat belts, airbags, enclosed structure, etc. However, some fatal accidents can result in a significant amount of property damage and catastrophic injuries as well. Thankfully, a car accident victim can claim compensation for the damages by consulting a credible personal injury attorney and filing a lawsuit against the opposite party. In most cases, the victims, as well as the auto accident lawyers, are likely to deal with the insurance company or agents of the defendants.

Should you Give a Recorded Statement to Insurance Representatives?

The insurance representatives of the defendant are likely to reach out to you after a car accident. They may ask you for a recorded statement as well. While this statement is likely to speed up the claim proceedings, it can also ruin your chances of obtaining maximum financial compensation. Needless to mention, the prime objective of insurance representatives will be to make you settle for a lowball offer. For this, they may employ numerous tactics. Usually, they may try to contact you when you are still recovering or under medication.

Note that it will be hard for you to think sensibly when you are under the influence of medications. Hence, the chances for you to admit the fault or blabber things that can hurt your claim are more in this case. To avoid such issues, always seek suggestions from your personal injury lawyer and never talk to the insurance agents in the absence of your advocate. Note that an experienced personal injury attorney can easily determine whether or not it is the right time to give a recorded statement and if yes, what to say.

The Significance of a Recorded Statement

A recorded statement will help your insurance adjuster to hear your side of the story. Note that the compensation amount that you can obtain is determined mainly based on this statement, the pieces of evidence, and a credible police report. In most cases, the insurance agents will be so friendly and encouraging so that they can make you blurt out some statements that will help them to cut down your compensation amount or deny your claim. They may also provoke you to pass statements that contradict your earlier statements. This is to prove your dishonesty in court. To avoid this, give a written statement instead of a recorded one with the help of your personal injury lawyer.

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