What You Need To Know About Reporting a California Car Accident

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It can be tricky to determine how and at what point you should report your California accident, especially if you are stressed because of the incident. The following information will facilitate you in this process and will help you start working on your recovery faster. Here, we will explain your obligations and rights regarding how to report the matter.

At What Time To Report It

All American states have different thresholds as for when you must report the accident to regulatory agencies and local authorities. California has many regulations governing when an automobile driver have to report it. A general rule to follow is to report it when:

  • Any person is hurt in the accident and even sustained minor injuries;
  • It takes the life of anyone;
  • Property damages, including damage to personal property, reaches or goes above $1,000; and,
  • One of the automobile drivers concerned is found operating with no license and/or driving when intoxicated.

To whom you have to report your accident will also differ based on your case specifics. You may have to report it to your insurer, the police, the US Department of Motor Vehicles, or all of them.

Remember, California law makes it your duty to report this matter. Do not depend on others involved in the accident. You have to report it inside 10 days; otherwise, California may revoke your vehicle driving privileges.

In What Way to Report Your Accident to California DMV

The state law necessitates that you as a motorist must report it to this department in 10 days when:

  • The accident caused the demise of someone
  • The value of this accident-induced damage is at least $1,000
  • Any person was hurt

You may not be directly part of a deadly car accident, but even a minor collision can cause over $1,000 in damages. Modern cars have plastic components that can cost plenty of money to replace or repair. It is best to be very careful and report a collision where any kind of damage is induced by any automobile involved.

Reporting it to the Motor Vehicle Department is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill out the Form SR-1. You can do it on your own. Your insurance company’s agent can also do it, and so can your personal injury attorney in the event you have sustained severe injuries. Just be sure to submit the filled form in the stipulated number of days.

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