What you Need to Know about at-Workplace Injuries?

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Workplace Injury Case

If you are hurt when at work, you may have a couple of different cases. You have a worker’s compensation case under California’s law, but besides that, you would have an injury case too. The latter case may apply if somebody other than the company you work for is at fault.

For example, you are driving during your employment hours to deliver something for that company and a drunk driver passes a stop signal and their vehicle hits and injures you. In this situation, you will possibly get worker’s compensation benefits through your company, while you also have the option to take an injury action against that driver.

Under the state law, both systems mesh fairly intelligently, so that you are provided short-term protection by worker’s comp and the long-term one by your injury case.

Some people ask this: “What impact does me working when the accident happened has on my case?” The impact is, you have two cases: a worker’s comp case and injury case. The former will be handled by their employer, but the latter will be dealt with by a law firm. The only thing common is that both will be enforced against the one who induced the accident in question.

It is something that emerges 10% of the time. Weaving together the worker’s comp case and the injury case is slightly tricky, but it can and has to be done usually to the injured client’s benefit.

Lawyers always deal with it, and thanks to their brilliance, it works out nicely for their client as 100% of the latter’s bills are covered under their worker’s compensation case.

Many times, the at-fault party was delivering something for their employer or heading to that boss’s office for an appointment. This means that both the individual’s and employer’s insurer is involved, which means there is usually a very big commercial policy for their employer besides a modest policy for the one who was driving.

Sometimes, there is wrangling between both insurance companies. This is no issue for the injured one; instead, it tends to be a benefit for them. Why because? They are going to win back the entire compensation amount and are not bothered about which insurance company of the two involved pays the most money to them.

For more details on this situation, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

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