Things you Need to Do Following a Car Crash

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There are more than six million car accidents occurring each year in the country. Luckily, the majority of these cover just property damage, which means only the car gets damaged while the passengers stay safe. However, one out of three accidents has to do with personal injury incurred by the driver or another occupant, and 20% lead to injuries which prove fatal. If you ever get in a car crash, following are some things you need to do in order to protect yourself in more than one way.


You need to stop your vehicle and make sure you do not leave the scene of the crash until the police arrive.

Protect the Scene

Make sure that no more accidents occur, and to that end, leave your headlight on so that approaching vehicles can see you.

Call the Police

Even if you are not seriously injured, call the cops. A report they make would be needed in case you decided to file an insurance claim.

Compile an Accurate Record

Tell the police exactly what happened, and if you have a gap in what you know, tell them that as well. If you are unsure whether you are injured, tell them.

Take Pictures

Use your cell phone to take pictures of any visible damage and injuries. If you are unable to do this right away, then wait until you get the chance, without obstructing the investigation.

Exchange Information

If the police do not show up on the scene, then get the name and phone number of the other party, and give them yours. Also exchange insurance info.

Report the Accident

Make sure your insurance company gets all the details on the accident. Find out what types of coverage you can avail from them.

Seek Medical Attention

Sometimes the pain from any injuries would only kick in a day or two afterward, which is why it is important to get yourself looked at following a crash.

Keep a File

Gather all the accident-related information in one place; this should include the claim number and names and contact info of all involved. You should also hang onto any rental receipt you may have for the car.

It is important to protect your rights. If asked to give a report of the incident by your insurance company, make sure your injury attorney is in the loop. A seasoned personal injury lawyer can make sure that you do not back yourself into a corner.

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