Reasons for a Personal Injury Lawyer to Reject a Case

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There are numerous personal injury cases reported in the United States every year. However, not all of these cases have the same kind of verdict. Some of them will be successful while some of them will fail right in the beginning stages. A personal injury lawyer has an important role to play in most of that. Once a person has suffered injuries from an accident, it is his/her right to claim the compensation from the party/parties liable for the accident. For this purpose, they generally seek the help of an experienced injury attorney.

However, in certain personal injury cases, some of the attorneys may hesitate to take up the case when a person approaches them for help. Many people experience this, and it is natural for them to think on the reasons why the lawyer rejected their case. Here are some causes for a personal injury lawyer to reject a case.

The Liability of the Victim

In many cases, the victim who approaches the lawyer seeking help will be partially or fully responsible for the accident in which he/she was injured. If the lawyer understands that it is very unlikely for the case to win, he may abstain from taking up the case. In those states where the degree of fault will be considered, if the victim has a degree of fault more than the defendant, the lawyer may not take up the case.

The injury attorney will look into the case to know if there was any breach in duty on the part of the defendant. He will look into how the accident occurred, and what its root cause was. If the other driver or the defendant has to be held liable, the breach of duty must be proved without any doubt.

The Injury Is Not a Big Deal

How badly the victim is injured in the accident is an important thing that the lawyer considers. If the injury is a minor one, the monetary compensation that the victim can receive will be very less. If so, the lawyer may reject the case.

If You Seem To Have Consulted Other Attorneys Before

If in your talks with the attorney, it seems like you had already talked to other attorneys, the lawyer may decline your proposal. If some famous lawyers had rejected you earlier, the current injury attorney is likely to reject your case.

The Economic Reality of The Case

Injury attorneys working on contingency fee basis would reconsider the case by thinking about the expense and the take-back money they will get at the end of the case. If it seems like the profit is less, the attorney may decline from taking up the case.

Know these things before you go to an injury attorney with your case.

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