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Every year according to personal injury lawyer accidents report, at least fifty thousand children are harmed or injured in America. Most of these accidents occur at the premises of the school or even outside the school during study tours or school events. Most of these children are under the age of 14 and need adult supervision at all times. This negligence by the school could lead to amputations, head injuries, other injuries and even death.

The various accidents that could happen due to negligence include:

Fights: common group fights due to banter and misunderstandings could occur all the time. Fights among children in the play grounds and classrooms are also common.

Accidental slip and falls: kids could fall of unsafe open buildings and schools that are poorly maintained. The school authority will be totally responsible for these negligent acts.

Bullying- Children of all ages suffer from physical, psychological, and emotional traumas due to bullying. It even leads to suicide and death. Hence such cases are taken very seriously by the school councilors and mentors.

Playground and Sports injuries – The main reason for playground accidents are lack of adult supervision, poorly maintained school grounds, and broken playground equipments. The school is liable for these negligent acts.

School vehicle accidents -Incase where children are injured in school bus accidents caused by reckless driving, inadequate driver training, or malfunctioning buses, the school would have to face legal consequences.

Exposure to toxic materials- Children could be exposed to asbestos or lead in old buildings if the school failed to remove these dangerous substances from the building. If the school is situated near to any toxic industrial factories or mines, it could affect the children’s health and the authorities can be held responsible for this.

Sexual harassments -If kids are exposed to disturbing sexual encounters by supervisors or authorities, it could lead to serious consequences for the school by the justice system.

If you believe your child’s injury was due to school negligence, you need to gather ample evidence. It must include proof that the school failed to eliminate a dangerous condition, or the authorities failed to supervise the students properly. You must inevitably gather motives with photographs, security cameras, witness proof and real portrayal of damages.

Negligence Claims

If your child was hurt or injured at a private school, you can get the schools insurance companies to find out how to start your child’s claim. In most cases, the school will help and cooperate in processing your claim. You can get information directly from the principal or school administrator. If your child’s injuries are minor, such as minor cuts, bruises, scrapes or muscle sprains, you can probably negotiate a fair settlement directly with the school insurance company without too much risk.

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