Critical Steps to Take after a California Car Accident

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Modern cars are equipped with the best safety features available. However, accidents still occur almost every day. California has a bad reputation for accidents. Every year, more than 160,000 people are hurt or killed in accidents. In case you are involved in a California car accident you need to follow it with some important steps which will help you to deal with the situation better and to get yourself in a better position legally. It is advisable to contact an injury attorney in Los Angeles in case such an event takes place. Below are the most critical steps you need to take right after the car accident in California.

Stop, Call 911 and Assist the Injured

Halting at the accident location is not only the right thing to do. Instead, it is the law. In case you are involved in an accident, stop at the site and contact 911. The operator would ask you about the incident, the location details, details of the injury, and whether there is still any danger involved in the location.

You should give the following information to the operator.

Your region— Road names, highway exits, mile markers, and milestones are significant. Inform the administrator what side of the street you are on and which direction you were moving. This will guide the emergency workforce to arrive fast.

In case there are injuries— The 911 administrator should know whether there are clear wounds to anyone on the scene. Provide the information on whether anybody is nauseous, vomiting, or in pain.

If the situation is dangerous—Tell the 911 administrator if anybody is caught in their vehicle, if there are high risks like spilling fuel or broken electrical cables, or if there are traffic issues.

Start Gathering Evidence

Mishap scenes are fast changing. A little while later vehicles will be towed away, drivers and witnesses will leave, and the police will leave for the station. You need to make use of the window of time after the accident to collect important evidence.

Important Data required after a California Accident

California law demands drivers and travelers linked to the accident to hand over the following data:

  • Driver names and details
  • Car owner’s name and address
  • The names and addresses of harmed passengers
  • The license details of the vehicles involved in the accident.

How Proof Can Help Support the Insurance Claim

You will need proof of the other driver’s carelessness to help your claims for injuries. You will need to show that as an immediate result of the other driver’s carelessness, you faced property harm or individual damages.

Auto crash harms are always different. Individual damage can include various things, for example,

  • Medical, dental, and treatment bills
  • Diagnostic tests: CT Scans, X-Rays, MRIs, and more.
  • Out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions, medicinal gadgets like crutches, cost to travel to the hospital, and so on.
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

It is advisable to monitor your harms from the beginning of the treatment phase. Make sure to make duplicates of all your treatment bills and records, and maintain receipts for unexpected costs. Make sure you check your lost wages. Your point by point list of harm will be critical to claiming your insurance.

The Role of Law Enforcement at Accident Scenes

Police are deployed to accident locations where there are wounds, fatalities, or if the traffic is blocked. They are well-trained in accident management and examination.

The investigating officer is approved to:

  • Secure the mishap scene
  • Coordinate care and transport of the victims
  • Collect proof and decide cause
  • Conduct tests on drivers

Law Enforcement and your Side of the Story

When law enforcement officials reach the site, they have the responsibility to perform certain duties. While you reserve a right to talk with a cop, they are under no obligation to hear you.

You have to coordinate with the officials by providing your ID, verification of insurance, driver’s license information, vehicle registration data, and respond to inquiries about the mishap.

If you keep arguing with the cop and interfere in their examination, you may get arrested.

In Case you are Issued a Traffic Citation

In case the investigation official finds that you broke California traffic rules, you might be given a traffic citation. While you reserve rights to convince the officer out of giving the traffic citation, you are supposed to accept if it is issued. You need to remember at this point that a traffic citation does not mean that there is proof against you. You can still make the argument to the traffic court

Remember that the statute of limitation in California is 2 years. It starts to count from the date of the accident. Make sure you contact the right Injury Lawyer in case of such an accident. Above are some of the important things you need to remember at an accident site.

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